Monday, March 27, 2017

Upper Room Liturgy - Fourth Sunday in Lent

On Sunday, March 26, Deb Trees and Santa Orlando led the Upper Room liturgy for the Fourth Sunday in Lent.

Opening Prayer:
Infinite Source of All , there is no place in the universe that is devoid of your light.  If it cannot be seen, it can be felt in the deepest recesses of the heart. Help us to remember that our light may at times grow dim, but it will shine for eternity. Help us to believe we truly are the spark of the divine; the catalyst needed to insure that the light never goes out. No matter how chaotic life becomes, there is light present in the dark.

Homily Starter, Deb Trees, March 26th, 2017

The sense of seeing is so integral to our entire being. Without being able to see, we are cast into a dim and uncertain darkness that cannot allow us to move as freely as others who can see the light. Without vision, we are compromised in our freedom, and in our safety. Without the ability to perceive light and darkness, color and shape, we are stymied in our appreciation of a diverse and vibrant world that surrounds us.

The light that is broken apart and put back together again, in crystals and prisms around us, becomes again a recurring product of light as it moves through another object.  We are part of this amazing process, allowing the God beyond our naming, to work through each one of us, individually.  So many light reflections in our wonderful world.  So much for God to do through all of us in this cosmic space. “ Light will someday split you open…”

Here in this story of the blind one who is healed, Jesus provides us with layers and layers of light and love. His very action of seeking out the one who is healed, is an affirmation of his light, and another layer of his teaching: that there is no sinner, only grace and the prism to be a servant of God. Each one of us is called to that.

In our readings today, and your journey through this Lenten preparation time, what did you hear? What does it mean for your life? What will it cost you?

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