Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Make Room for Female Priests" by Ann Harrington ARCWP In response to “Rebel Catholic group defies church...” (May 1) in Charlotte Observer

Left to right: Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP, Abigail Eltzroth ARCWP and Ann Harrington ARCWP
I attended the ordination of our newest Roman Catholic priest, Abigail Eltzroth. I am the first woman in North Carolina to be ordained a Roman Catholic woman priest. I am pastor of Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community in Greenville, NC.
My path to priesthood evolved in the traditional Roman Catholic Church. As a child in Catholic school I was deeply touched by the church’s teaching on social justice. I left the church in college brokenhearted over the sins of that institution. Later, due to a dynamic Catholic priest and community, I reunited with the Catholic faith. I heard my call to priesthood because of all the spiritual development I did in the traditional church.
How dare David Hains, spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, say we are sinful by doing what the Holy Spirit has called us to do! I invite everyone to come and see what we are doing in our ministries. Jesus ministered to the marginal and outcast of his day and I am following Jesus. I discovered this passion in the Catholic church and I am not going away. The women’s priest movement is the renewal the Church needs.

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