Saturday, July 15, 2017

ARCWP Retreat: We are the face of God, Notes from Marianne Williamson Presentation: How to Overcome Your Struggles"

Some ARCWP Community Insights:
We rejoice in the light inside of us, Spirit working within us, moving through us to effect change for justice and healing in our church and world. 

Insight, awareness, connection and action.

We focus on liberation theology and mujerista theology- "at onement, not atonement!" The personal  is the social is the political is the religious.

Peaceful mind through centering prayer.
Get up every day and put on God.

Do good, do what we can do to promote cosmic consciousness of our oneness. 
Circle of love, circle of companionship demonstrate for justice!
The power of hatred is broken through conviction.

Love is at the center.

Small actions like telephone calls to legislatures to promote change and justice.
taking part in demonstrations to stand up for justice.

Mariane Willamson Summary of notes:

The only thing that will transform world wide-terrorism is to love with conviction.
Hatred backed by so much money and arms.

We have a power that is greater than bullets, the power of love!

All spiritual traditions lead to the same mountain., interconnection that we share!
Darkness does not hesitate to claim its power in economic injustice, permanent war machine, second highest child poverty rate in the U.S, and  highest massive incarceration in the world.

We cannot embrace the power of darkness.

Multi national take over this country and we must pass laws to make changes.
So much darkness, you need to pray, meditate, download light.

Try not to take into the stress of the day by using your spiritual resources.

5 minutes with Holy Spirit will bless our thoughts for the day!

Claiming the light and filling it up with grace and love!

Spirit lives through us and moves through us!

Not in denial, you are in transcendence!

We are looking at keeping our children safe and our planet safe!

Lighten up -

Work of God is through you.
Go out into the world  with spiritual energy
God cannot do for us what God cannot go through us!
Do not wimp out on the job that needs to be done!

Abolitionist Movement came out  of Quaker Spiritual Tradition.

Suffragette Movement came out of Quaker Spiritual Tradition.
They had in common "cosmic companionship."
They sat in silence and listened to God.
It led to do something about suffering of others, Resist!
Sit in silence, incorrect is intolerable.

Spiritual power is through us, grace of God working through us!

People of earth, thoughts of heaven is in us.
Time for us to be grown-ups in the world.
We need to work on making things infinitely right!
We need to rejoice in our infinite possibilities.

Spiritual revolution of our times! 

Theology is in interwoven with the story of people.
It is not God's job to feed poor children. 
God says to us how can you let children starve?

Just as individuals seek conversion so must citizens own bad stuff that comes from our country.

Every child is one of our children and the earth is our home! 

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