Thursday, July 27, 2017

Association Roman Catholic Women Priests: On the Inside Edge - the Heart of Catholicism, Leading the Church Toward Equality and Inclusivity Now

ARCWP Retreat in Cleveland 2017

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests  (ARCWP) is on the inside of the edge of Catholicism which is the liberating heart of the Christ Presence working for justice and equality for all.  We ordain women in a renewed priestly ministry,  a circle of companions and equals in the community of the baptized - living inclusivity- leading the church forward in the 21st century. Bridget Mary Meehan,

"It is ironic that you must go to the edge to find the center. But that is what the prophets, hermits, and mystics invariably know. Only there were they able to live at the edges of their own lives too, not grasping at the superficial or protecting the surfaces of things, but falling into the core and center of their own souls and their own experiences." Richard Rohr, Eager to Love, p. 11. 

"Most of organized religion, without meaning to, has actually discouraged us from taking the mystical path by telling us almost exclusively to trust outer authority, Scripture, tradition, or various kinds of experts (what I call the “containers”)—instead of telling us the value and importance of inner experience itself (which is the “content”)."

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