Friday, July 7, 2017

"On the Eve of Ordination" by Lynn KIinlin ARCWP

A murder of crows
A congregation of alligators
Perhaps even a parliament of owls

Not a flock of sheep
A  bunch of priests and a bishop
moving alongside, not behind Jesus

They’ve had me in a witness protection program, you know
It works just fine
They do the witnessing
I get the protection.

They live and think and pray
with deliberate love and willingness to go where
ministry takes them.
Meanwhile, I savor
Discernment undercover
Safe harbor with a front row seat on fishers of souls
Gracious suggestions, not commands or demands
Osmosis learning, invisible and enveloping

These months of candidacy have been an Emmaus power walk to exercise my fledgling faith.

Tomorrow, I will stand ready to witness
But I stand on their shoulders
In mutual assured protection
Let the Body of Christ be assured:
There will be many more streaming out of witness protection with original blessing
A cacophony of gadflies
A tower of giraffes
A changing of the guard

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