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ARCWP Priests Visit Ireland: Media, Newspaper, Radio Coverage Links

Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP and Mary Theresa Streck ARCWP sharing women priests movement in Drogheda, Ireland

Newspaper article links

The Journal
'Is it possible to be Catholic and a feminist?'

Irish Independent

Female bishop calls on women to join movement

Irish Times
Catholic woman bishop on Irish vocations recruitment drive

Belfast Telegraph

Irish Priest Calls for Diaconate Pause" by Sara MdDonald, National Catholic Reporter

See my quote at end of article. Bridget Mary


Ireland’s first female priests could be ordained as early as next summer claims Irish cleric

Bridget Mary Meehan, Ireland's first female bishop, insists that ordaining women is the key to the survival of the religion in Ireland

IRELAND’S first female priests could be ordained as soon as next summer, a trailblazing Irish cleric has claimed.
Laois-born Bridget Mary Meehan spent the past month promoting the ordination of women throughout Ireland with the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests.

Dr Bridget Mary Meehan

Dr Bridget Mary Meehan

And the US-based bishop told how how three Irish women – including one mum – have already signed up to defy the Vatican by becoming priests.
Speaking to the Irish Sun, Dr Bridget said: “Where we are right now as we wrap up the 31 days is we have three women in serious discernment.
“Two of them are definitely applying, one of them is probably going to apply, and we think that we possibly will be ordaining three women next year in Ireland – possibly in the summer.
“Other women who talked to us were very interested, very supportive and perhaps some of them will also take the same path.
“If they don’t, they are definitely going to become friends of the Association in supporting the journey towards equality and justice in Ireland for women in all areas, including in the Roman Catholic women priests movement.”
Former nun Bridget went against church doctrine when she was ordained a priest in the breakaway Catholic group over a decade ago.

More women are joining the priesthood

More women are joining the priesthood

And the Rathdowney native reckons up to a dozen more female mass-goers here could be ready to follow suit.
Dr Bridget – who visited counties including DublinLouth and Clare during her trip – explained: “Several women came forward and said they wanted to find out more.
“It was so phenomenal – it was almost like electricity in the room with all the questions.
“Of those women that came forward in Dublin, two of them are going to more than likely apply to the Association to take the test towards ordination.

RADIO Links:
RTE Interview on Ray Darcy Show, Aug. 17th, 2017, 4:15-4:30 PM

The call has come from Laois-born Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan, a former Pastoral Nun who was ordained in the US in 2006 and is a member of the ...

Great Interview with Gavin Grace on Clare FM today in Ennis

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