Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 3: ARCWP Women Priests Visit Ireland: "Blessed and Beloved"

Last night the wind howled and the rain lashed against our windows. We went to bed and slept soundly, tucked warmly under our comforters. Today, the sun is shining and the children are outside playing. Mary Theresa is cooking salmon and an egg, spinach omelette.

Check out our facebook pages for more photos. Our internet  connection is spotty so we will share uploads of photos on either Mary Theresa Streck's or Bridget Mary Meehan's facebook pages. 

Bridget Mary Meehan, Mary Theresa Streck and Joan Chesterfield Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests,

Blessed and Beloved

"open your arms, you will find the answer to the call."

St. Brigit's Table Blessing:
I should welcome the poor to my feast, for they are God's children. I should welcome the sick to my feast, for they are God's joy. Let the poor sit with Jesus at the highest place, let the sick dance with the angels.

House Blessing 
May Brigit bless the house wherein you dwell.
Bless every fireside, every wall and door.
Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof.
Bless every hand that toils to bring it joy.
Bless every foot that walks it portals through.
May Brigit bless the house that shelters you.

Sit still for a moment and quiet your soul...
Breathe in deeply the tender love of God....
Breathe out compassion for all living things...
Realize that the love and affection of God is with you...
Realize that the love and affection of the angels surrounds you...
Realize that the love and affection of the saints surrounds you...
Realize that the love and affection of heaven is with you to guard you and to cherish you each day....

Closing Prayer
Saint Brigit, you were a woman of peace,
You brought harmony where there was conflict.
You brought light to the darkness.
You brought hope to the downcast.
May the mantle of your peace
cover those who are troubled and anxious,
and may peace be firmly rooted
      in our hearts and in our world.
Inspire us to act justly and to reverence
      all God has made.
Brigit you were a voice for the wounded.
Strengthen what is weak within us.
Calm us into a quiet inner listening that heals.
May we grow each day into greater wholeness
in mind, body, and spirit. Amen. Solas Bhride, Kildare, 1997

Questions for Reflection and Discussion
1. Brigit was a woman of compassion. What challenges do we face in a world where 20 percent of the world’s population own and consume 80 percent of the world’s resources?
2. Brigit was a woman of hospitality. Who are the strangers whom we need to welcome?
3. Brigit was a woman of the earth. How can we protect and care for creation

From Celtic Prayers for Holy Delighting:
   Falling in Love with God Anew

 By: Bridget Mary Meehan

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