Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ARCWP Women Priests Arrive in Ireland: Settling in and getting connected~ Kilkee Day 1

Day 1: Arrival Kilkee, Ireland
We had a smooth flight, only a few bumps. When we were on runway in Newark, we saw a rose-colored plane with a huge sign on it with letters WOW! Of course, we took this as  a positive "sign"!! WOW stands for Women's Ordination Worldwide in our world! We were taking off and so was Women's Ordination Worldwide!
On our flight, there were 3 seats across that had no one was sitting on, (an opportunity we seized) so we spread out. Mary Theresa actually slept for several hours. Joan and I rested. I have never been able to do this on a plane in my life so this flight was unique. We arrived early due to strong tail winds, no surprise! MT and I were in back of plane and I could feel that wind bumping us along!
After getting our luggage in Shannon, we were told by the car rental company, Europecar, (after they saw us and our many bags) that they were giving us a bigger car with more trunk room at no extra cost!  Now this was yet another surprise and a great blessing! Mary Theresa drove and I watched the signs. We did not have GPS! I was it, but  I had an idea about where to go, and we did not get lost. I know some of you are chuckling as you read this!
Although it rained a little on our drive to Kilkee,  the sun broke through. We were able to fine Nolan's shop to get the key to the house. My cousin, Elaine, told me that John Nolan was a tall man and he would be in Nolan's shop. As we drove down main street,  no kidding, a tall man was walking into Nolan's shop. We followed and got the key that was on a shelf in an envelope waiting for me. By this time, we were chuckling at the coincidences!
A young woman coming out of the shop recommended a bakery down the street as the best place to get scones and homemade brown bread. So off we went. We also ordered a coffee to go. Then we found our lovley home in Ireland for the month of August up a hill overlooking Kilkee. This home belongs to my cousin, John Meehan from Portlaoise. By the time, we walked in the door, the sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly and I was able to take off my sweater!
How is that for a blessed and beautiful arrival in Ireland.
Joan cooked Irish sausage and eggs for breakfast and Mary Theresa set up out tech toys and hot spot. I unpacked and tried not to get in the way of progress!
Now it is time for a wee nap for all!
Bridget Mary, Mary Theresa and Joan reporting on day 1!


The Call from Celtic Woman

Opening Prayer
O God of compassion and healing,
You gave Holy Brigit to us as a sign of your love.
You caress us with the warmth of the sun,
You encircle us in Love's embrace.
You are behind us and before us.
You are above us and beneath us.
I consecrate all that I am to You this day.
Delight of the Saints, may I fall in love with You anew. Amen.

Scripture Reading
I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me@ (Mt 24:35 NRSV).

Response to God's Word
I will go in the name of God,
The hand of God keeping me,
The love of Christ in my veins,
The strong Spirit bathing me,
The Three shielding and aiding me,
The Three shielding and aiding me,
The hand of Spirit bathing me,
The Three each step aiding me.

From Celtic Prayers for Holy Delighting:
   Falling in Love with God Anew

 By: Bridget Mary Meehan 

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