Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Little Girl, Inter Insigniores No More" by Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP
Little Girl: Inter Insigniores No More

Ah, there you are little girl!

I see you.

Sitting on the cornerstone
in your verdant pasture
of peaceful sheep.

“Do you know Jesus,” I ask

“Yes, he's a cool guy!
“My Friend and Teacher!” says the little girl.

“Do you know Christ,” I ask


Christ is the light you see in my face.

Christ is the joy you feel from my heart.

Christ is the motion you see in my dance.

Christ is the blessing that flows from my hands.

Christ is the quiet of my still and spacious life.

I am a girl.
I am little.
Christ is the Wisdom of me. 
In the deep Nothing,
In the mysterious Everything,
Christ is me, I am Christ.

Churchmen don't see me,”

says the little girl.

Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

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