Tuesday, November 7, 2017


We did not go for a walk properly. We went to know the reality of a people suffering, injustice and displacement by one of the largest multinationals, generator of Energy RWE.

Who does not remember the denunciation of a Peruvian peasant to this company? (see the following information: https://sophimania.pe/medio-ambiente/cambio-climatico-y-desastres/pera-campesino-demanda-a-gigante-energetica-alemana-por-ser-causante-del-lentanta- global/

We are in Manheim-Germany, one of the peoples fighting for conservation against the coal industry, the identity of its people and its forests.
Village, empty and lonely.

Hambach open surface mine, Germany (Elian Hadj-Hamdi)
Escarbadoras 100 meters high and 200 wide, devour the earth to extract the water and remove the coal, day and night without "resting."
The RWE Energy company and its chimneys suffocating, the planet. 
View near the Hambach mine.
Here the production of only 5% of energy for the country is generated! Scandalous, aberrant and criminal situation!
Until when will this illogical project be promoted as a temporary and necessary support for the shift towards green energy? What can be expected from the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which starts today Nov. 6 in Bonn, until November 17th / 17th?
With all her soul and pain, this young woman tells us about the current situation of the mine and its infamous consequences for the population and the whole world.
The guide tells us how this great hole is 350 meters deep and will be undermined up to 450 meters. It can be integrated into the city of Cologne-Germany and in its depth it fits its beautiful cathedral twice.
 Very "generously" the company offers a rearrangement of the villages: they will keep their names, they will have all the services, such as water and electricity, but these should be bought from the company, the size of their houses and gardens will be reduced.
This mine begins its work "legally" in 1978. The eviction of the towns, is an act declared totally legal.
What is that, that you can see over the trees? They are not proper bird nests.
The mine swallows whole villages and nobody in the world knows about it.
Of 40 villages each with more than 1,000, 1,500, 1,700 inhabitants face survival rather than being buried in the planet's cemetery. The negotiations that began in 2012 and ended in 2022, have left behind bitter tastes and discontent in their payments.
We are ready to visit the mine and its surroundings.
We find gaps and obstacles, which prevent the passage of rapists, against nature.
Notices in German, denounce the capitalist system.
What is that? They look like slums in the trees. There live some "angels" of flesh and blood, who guard and protect the forest.
They are improvised cambuches. They live young, friends of the trees and of the earth.
Of 7,000 hectares, there are 600 left to deforest. Young people, organize themselves to prevent such atrocity!
"When injustice becomes law, resistance is a must" 
Thomas Jefferson.
Those who live here, are about 100 young people. Some, they say come to live, in solidarity one or two weeks, and they have been staying 1 or 2 years, young people from other countries have come, who, knowing the experience, have come to support. The experience began in 2014, they tell on their anti-carbon blog:  https://antikohleblog.com/tag/hambacher-forst /
These young environmentalists not only from Germany, but from Europe, are committed to defending the 600 hectares of the oldest forest in this country.
Despite the persecution of the company RWE, who is supported by the police, they have, with the solidarity of neighbors, family and friends, (doctor, dentist, medicines, etc.) who provide them with food and drinking water. They have a kitchen, where they take turns cooking in a communal way. Its main objective, stop the excavators, chainsaws and any ax or criminal machete that threatens any tree.
Housing-house lookout for the protection of the forest.
Every year, during the winter season, the company deforests between 70-80 hectares of forest, looking for new layers of coal.
We have been lucky to have a guided tour, to learn about this sad reality of what is happening on our planet.
The company RWE has 9,000 workers ... almost all of them, inhabitants of the area, which due to the "guarantees" that RWE offers, it becomes more difficult, to organize people, not to accept, sell their assets and the future of his children, "for a plate of lentils".
"God blessed them and said:" Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and protect it, take care of it. Exercise dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth. "Genesis 1:28

* Roman Catholic Presbyter.

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