Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"ARCWP Colombia: God's Image is Reflected in Both Women and Men" by Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP

"Why are you so cold, these Christmas days?" A very special friend of mine asked me, and he has every right to ask me that question.
I fell into a deep silence ... I just wanted to remember, listen and observe what was happening around me.
Few mangers in sight ... it was not like in ataño, grandmothers, mothers and aunts, in the tradition they did. TV, radio, did not extinguish the bombs of war, that between brotherly peoples, to the East in pain, and death enveloped. Here, in my town, the baffles, the full orchestra, the gunpowder, the magic of the colored lights, the liquor, drown the birth of Emmanuel, the humanized God, ignore, ignore, confuse, his message could not be heard .
"What was born, girl or boy?" It was the question, when a new child was born in the family, to the midwife or doctor, it was done. "A girl!" They answered. The father puts his hands on his head: "Now, what do I tell my friends?" Between beer and beer "celebrating" with friends: "It's not your fault, nor mine, is that the mother-in-law had only little women ... "
Revindico, with pride and joy, Christmas, and the role of Mary the mother of Jesus! Without Mary, I would not have given "yes", we would not have Christmas, we would not have salvation, nor possible redemption. Without Maria, we would not have known her voice, strong in the Magnificat!
Every time a child is born, or a child, how many times we look at him, there is present the image of God, who returns and incarnates in our families, in our homes, neighborhoods, towns and nations.
In each birth, we claim the image of God, that dignifies us and that Baptism rekindles us. It is proper for human beings to recognize the dignity of daughters of God (GS 12.3).
The following text is not mine, neither of the feminists, nor of the women priests, it is of the Catechism of our Church. Nor has anything to do with "sextremista" that I try to get out of the manger, in Rome. the figure of the God-Child. *
"God is not, in any way, in the image of man. He is neither man nor woman. God is pure spirit, in which there is no place for the difference of sexes. "370 (Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church).

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