Monday, April 30, 2018

Your Financial Support Will Help People's Catholic Seminary Provide Affordable, Empowering Certificate Programs and Courses for Women Priests, our Communities, and Individuals Interested in Contemporary Theology and Ministry in the 21st Century

People’s Catholic Seminary

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Dear Friend,

People’s Catholic Seminary (PCS) was founded in 2016 to provide low cost courses in contemporary theology and sacramental ministry that nurture our baptismal call to live holy lives as midwives of grace in mystical, prophetic, and sacramental communities of equals. PCS programs inspire and educate individuals and groups who embrace a vision of spirituality that is inclusive, liberating, and empowering. Matthew Fox, one of the great visionaries of our times, proposes that contemporary seminaries move from knowledge factories to wisdom schools.

Since 2016, twenty-seven students have completed certificate courses. As of January, 2018, PCS, in collaboration with Global Ministries University (GMU) is offering a Master of Pastoral Ministry degree. The degree is granted by GMU and PCS is providing the course of study. This affordable master’s program is designed for those who are walking the pathway to ordination, the ordained, and members of our inclusive communities who seek to continue their education within an interactive supportive seminary environment. Currently four students are enrolled in the master’s program.

Please consider a donation to People’s Catholic Seminary. All donations support our mission to provide low cost/no cost educational programs. Our greatest financial need is to provide scholarship funds, to expand our programs, pay faculty stipends and cover minimal operation costs. People’s Catholic Seminary is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization registered in the State of New York.

Tax-deductible donation can be made through PayPal on our website or sent by check to:
People’s Catholic Seminary
PO Box 421
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With gratitude and blessings,
Bridget Mary Meehan, D.Min                                
Mary Theresa Streck, D.Min


“I have taken a number of courses offered by the People’s Catholic Seminary.  The on-line format of the courses connected me with fellow students who are leading the Roman Catholic Church iinto a bright future.  The progressive cutting-edge twenty-first theologians we read will become the starting point of future discussions of where the church is heading.” Abigail Eltzroth

“I have taken three courses so far at People’s Catholic Seminary.  Each one has been an exciting and spiritually rigorous study of contemporary Christian theology.  The facilitators are outstanding in their care and regard for their seminarians.  They provide prompt, sensitive and excellent feedback, as well as spiritual guidance, companionship and more love and friendship one could ask for.  When taking the classes in a cohort, not only do you have access to the materials, facilitators and resources in the class, but you also have access to the writings, insights and comments by the other students. The online format is very easy to use.  I love everything about People’s Catholic Seminary and I highly recommend it.”  Toni-Kay Attanasio 

“People’s Catholic Seminary has been instrumental in providing me with connections to contemporary ideas about God, church and spirituality. But more than that, it has been a way for me to interact with others across the nation and around the world. Sharing ideas and being impacted by others’ insights is a wonderful way to learn.   Now, being in the Masters of Ministry program, I look forward to building on my knowledge base, and continuing my lifelong learning.  PCS has been an important part of my ministry”. Debra Trees

“My theological and spiritual awareness has been deepened in many ways by People’s Catholic Seminary and it has become my preferred way of learning. I must add that once I’ve finished my mandatory courses in preparation for my ordination to priesthood, I have no intention whatsoever of stopping learning on People’s Catholic Seminary. Thank you, Mary Theresa and Bridget Mary, and all the others who have created such a magnificent, interactive learning experience for us all.” Teresa Keogh

“If innovation in person-centered, theological and sacramental education interests you, PCS is the learning environment for you. I appreciate how PCS prepares persons on the path to ordination or currently in ministry to meet the emerging spiritual and religious needs of people today. Thank you, PCS, for making learning creative, accessible and relevant.” Barbara Billey

“I have found the PCS of great benefit as a way to learn about or get updated on 21st Century theology and spirituality. I have found the courses to be very fulfilling as those taking the course post their assignments and share insights and ideas on what others have posted. It has enhanced the learning that occurs since we are learning through our studying and from the feedback of faculty and other participants. Finally, PCS has been great for me since my work schedule is quite unpredictable. It allows me to work on the course work at any time within the parameters of the course schedule without feeling undue pressure and anxiety.” Dennis McDonald

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