Sunday, May 13, 2018

On Mother's Day I Remember Mom's Faith and Funny Sayings!

Bridie Meehan on her 50th Wedding Anniversary

A Tribute to Mom
My mother, Bridie Meehan, was a woman of  mountain-moving faith, deep devotion to our family and funny sayings! She believed that God was very kind to us. 

In the 1930's she was enrolled as a child of Mary in Ireland, and had a special relationship with the "blessed mother" throughout her life. 

I still have the holy picture that hung in our cottage in Coolkerry, County Laois. 

One of my earliest memories is each night before bed,  Mom led our family in praying the rosary, not only the 5 decades, but also the trimmings -the Litany of Loretto- and a few additional aspirations were included.
She was also a big  believer in rituals such as blessing ourselves with holy water (we had holy water founts near our doors)  When we passed a church, she reminded us to  make the sign of the cross.  She sprinkled us us with holy water when we went on trips and said a prayer of blessing for protection 

When we visited Ireland, we went to Mary's shrine in Knock, and brought back a generous supply of holy water!

I still have holy water from Knock!

After we emigrated to the U.S. and settled in Arlington, Virginia,  she consecrated our family and home to the Sacred Heart, and displayed a large holy picture with the 12 promises. 

Our house looked more like a convent with the crosses and large holy pictures of Jesus, Mary and the saints on the wall then many convents I was in or have visited!

Mom told me that she would have been a nun if she had not fallen in love with my Dad, Jack.  And that is another great story of a 51 year marriage that was deeply blessed and a source of happiness for both of them. 

My mother also had some wonderful sayings that I'd like to share:

"Go on r that!" (when she doubted the veracity of what you were saying.)
"Put the kettle down and make a cup of tea." (everyone who came to our home was offered a cup of tea and scones or cake bread)
You'd trot a mouse through that tea!"(Weak tea, and not a compliment!)

"Keep your head about you." ( stay focused, don't get distracted)"Eat something or you'll  fall a victim." (when I was on a diet)
- "There is no time like the present." ( I embraced this saying and did my homework on Friday nights to the amazement of my friends!)

When we played the Irish card game- 25- still my favorite card game!
"Don't send a chap on a man's journey."
"Who kissed Peggy?"
"Are you home"
"There are dogs at Brophys"

From my sister-in-law, Nancy Hurst Meehan

Sweet, sweet memories of your sweet but feisty mom! My favorite from 25 was "diamonds dear and none of them here!" 

From a dear family friend who played 25 with us often:
Dawn Vehmeier I added this one to the comments in Mary’s post as well as “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” She and Aunt Molly were quite the pair when it came to playing 25!

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