Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ireland Day 1:Arrival and Schleping in Ireland, An Adventure!

We had quite an adventure on our trip to Ireland.We were misinformed that our Norwegian flight was  cancelled, but it was not. We went to the airport to  plead our cause and found ,to our delight, that we could fly to Belfast.

So we flew out on schedule to Belfast instead of Dublin! We arrived in Belfast and “ schleped” our luggage with the  help of Dennis McDonald through airports, bus stations and  on and off of several vans. 
So the life lesson  is always bring Dennis with you and be prepared to  “ schlep.” Going with the fllow is a spiritual  exercise of seeing the Spirit in in those who help us along the way!

We are located near  Trim, County Meath.
Bridget Mary Meehan 
Contact at 703-505-0004 or email

Belfast double decker bus ride on Aug. 1, 2018

The Gathering and "schelping" of our 9 cases through 2 airports and 2 buses in Belfast and Dublin airports
See facebook page for more pictures of today!
Our first day was a rainy, cool day where we flew one plane, took two buses, saw Belfast, a city we did not plan to visit, and the biggest challenge "schelp" our 9 suitcases in the cold rain through Belfast and Dublin airports, in and out of double decker buses and airport vans. I was glad we were together and for Dennis McDonald's strength in lifting the heavy cases. 

We are now settled in our Air B and B near Trim in County Meath.

Abundant blessings flowed like the Irish rain as we began our time here in Ireland.

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