Monday, November 5, 2018

Roman Catholic Women Priests at Parliament of World Religions, Offer Individual Peace Prayers, The Peace Torch Is Being Passed from Booth to Booth at the Parliament in Ontario, Canada

Mary Eileen Collingwood ARCWP, Juanita Cordero RCWP, Suzanne Thiel RCWP, Roberta Fuller RCWP -Canada, Kathie Ryan ARCWP with 2 women religious leaders attending Parliament of World Religions
The Peace Torch is being passed from booth to booth in the entire Parliament. This torch has been relayed through 150 countries over 400 thousand miles  Kathie-Roberta-Juanita offered individual peace prayers for their video project.

second from left: Juanita Cordero ARCWP, Kathie Ryan ARCWP, Roberta Fuller RCWP-Canada

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