Thursday, December 6, 2018

Roy Bourgeois - "Former Priest Speaks Out About Catholic Church" by Dan North Binghamton December 5, 2018

Roy Bourgeois, Bishop Dana Reynolds, Janice Sevre Duszynska

The sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church has many leaders
 calling for change.

Former priest Roy Bourgeois shared his story in Binghamton 

on Wednesday. Bourgeois was in the priesthood for
 40 years before being expelled for speaking out 
about his belief of women having the right to become ordained ministers.

He also believes that priests should be allowed to get married. 

Bourgeois spoke to the Binghamton community, 
saying something has to give to prevent future abuse cases.

"The Catholic Church, if it does not change and ordain women 

and allow the priests to get married, I think what will happen
 is the Catholic Church will drift into irrelevance. 
It will go the way of the dinosaurs," said Bourgeois.

Pope Francis has called a meeting of Catholic bishops 

at the Vatican in the new year to discuss how 
they can stop clergy from sexually abusing children.

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