Tuesday, February 19, 2019

INTERFAITH WORSHIP AND COMMUNION AT CASTLE OTTTIS, Lenten Prayer and Communion, Mass at Titisville, Florida, Miriam Picconi ARCWP and Wanda Russell ARCWP


This Sunday, FEBRUARY 24 at 10:00 AM there will be an INCLUSIVE Interfaith Worship and Communion Service
at Castle Otttis located at 103 3rd Street, St. Augustine, 32084.  Due to limited parking area, please carpool.
Sorry, there are no handicap facilities.  Please dress according to weather.  No air conditioning or heating.
For additional information call Miriam Picconi, 386-569-7311 or e-mail at
For information about the castle and directions, go to  

Wednesday evenings, MARCH 6 (ASH WEDNESDAY), 13, 20 AND 27 at 7:15 at 2 Westmill Ln., Palm Coast, FL 32164

Saturdays, MARCH 2 & 16 AT 4:00 PM at the Church located at the Great Outdoors RV and Golf Resort.
125 Plantation Dr., Titisville, FL 32780.  All are welcome to the Table!  
If you or someone you know are traveling in the area, join the St. Christopher Community 
for Mass any Saturday.   Just tell the person at the gate that you are going to the church.

Saturday, MARCH 9 at 4:00 PM at 2 Westmill Ln., Palm Coast, FL 32164
Hospitality follows.  Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert if you like.

Dear Faith Family,

Lent starts in just two weeks!  We pray you will be able to join us at as many services as you are able.
Preparation for Easter is a wonderful time to enable ourselves to get closer to our God who loves us tremendously.
God created us out of love.  God simply wants to love us and have us return that love. Relationship with God is so easy, 
unless we don't spend time with our God.  Just as our friendships suffer when we don't spend time with our friends, so too does our relationship with God suffer.
So, perhaps our challenge this lent is to decide to spend a bit more time with our God.  We don't even have to speak.  Just decide to spend however many minutes we want to challenge ourselves to spend with God. Let God know that we are coming to spend this time (however many minutes) with God.  God will be so happy and wait for us to come.  God loves us.  We love God.  Just spending time with our loving creator.  It is amazing how special that time becomes.

Please pray for the reduction of pain in my arm and shoulder as I await shoulder replacement surgery which now has been postponed until May 16.  I even cried in my doctor's office because I am in a catch 22 situation.  If I don't take anything for pain I am useless around the house and Miriam has too much slack to pick up in our everyday lives.  If I take pain medication (even just alieve) it can cause bleeding and breathing issues.  I don't like a lot of pain meds but the pain is getting more intolerable.  PLEASE pray.

Know that we pray for you and your family's needs.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and peace,

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