Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Word of Jesus, The Life of Jesus, The Death and Resurrection of Jesus: With Scholar and Author John Dominic Crossan, March 8th and 9th , St. Andrew UCC

The Inaugural
Dr Imogene Rigdon
Light in the Darkness Experience[1]

Who:                        John Dominic Crossan
Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies, DePaul University

Who Jesus was—and is!
What Jesus did—and does!

Why:                   “If we get the history of the 1st century right,
                             We will get the theology of the 21st century right.
                             And if not, not.” JD Crossan

Where:       St Andrew United Church of Christ
                  6908 Beneva Rd, Sarasota FL 34238
When:        Friday March 8 and Saturday March 9, 2019
$$$$:         A free will offering will be taken up. Make checks payable to:                              “Call to Action—Peace River Branch”
         Friday 7-8:30pm in Sanctuary       The World of Jesus
         Saturday in Sanctuary
         9-10:30am                                      The Life of Jesus
         11am-12:30pm                               The Death of Jesus
         1:30-3pm                                                 The Resurrection of Jesus

         12:30-1:30pm in Stewart Hall          Complimentary buffet lunch

         4-5pm in Sanctuary:    Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic                                                               Community’s weekly liturgy. All are welcome!

????                   Contact: Michael Rigdon
                           Facebook/Twitter: I don’t think so

[1] Sponsored by Call to Action—Peace River Branch in partnership with Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community and St Andrew United Church of Christ

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