Thursday, May 30, 2019

Breakfast at Daybreak: Homily Starter by Michele Birch-Conery, Bishop ARCWP at the Liturgy and Visit of Jane Krazynowski, Bishop RCWP Canada and her husband Felix Krazynowski, Heart of Compassion Faith Community, Windsor, ON (28 May 2019).

Jane Krazynowski, Bishop RCWP Canada and Michele Birch-Conery, ARCWP co-presiding

Breakfast at daybreak. There is Jesus, once again, manifesting to the disciples with incredible power. He cares for them and teaches them how to care for one another. He gives them hospitality and shows them how to have a sense of belonging together.
At breakfast this morning, Jane, Felix and I were discussing the kind of Church we have now and the kind of Church we're trying to reach toward. Felix was talking about the institutional Church becoming increasingly in exile, one that is groaning to become a relational Church, where people are trying to come together to have a sense of belonging. This is certainly the way in our Roman Catholic women priest movement and the kind of Church that we've been intent upon creating since the beginning of our calling in 2002. We've had numbers of different manifestations of communities of belonging and we're not finished having all kinds of variations of what can be.
In terms of creating a belonging community and a hospitable community, I have a sense of gratitude for our Heart of Compassion Faith Community, albeit there have been lots of struggles. We have explored new ways of creating a community of belonging and going to those who have been alienated with nowhere to belong.
Maybe we can give some thought today to gratitude and the example that Jesus gives, especially the experience we've had with Jane and Felix today in enjoying hospitality together. Breakfast at daybreak. So many fish. Food showing up that you didn't expect to have. Back-up plans of the Spirit.

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