Monday, July 29, 2019

A Celebration of Ann Harrington's 5th Anniversary as a Priest in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests by Mark Harrington

 The pictures and text below is what I wrote and shared with the community -Free Spirit Inclusive Catholic Community- before we started Mass today

Today we are celebrating Ann’s 5th anniversary of her ordination. And it has been 5 years since her priesthood was officially recognized by the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests. 

But I would submit that her priesthood began long before that. It had certainly begun by the time she and I returned to the Church in 1984. 

 I’ve been around for most of this and I am taking this time to say a few things. Things that often get said in eulogies, but should be said like this, on occasions of celebration.

Ann is extraordinary. She taken the role of leadership because she has a vision of what church could be and she is putting all her skills and energy into building that church.
Ann is brave. Any leader worthy of the title has doubts and fears. She leads anyway.
Ann is resilient. She brings strength to her role, rooted in her faith, whatever storms and issues come along.
Ann is compassionate. Love is the greatest of the gifts and the love Ann has for all of us is evidenced in the gift of herself. In joyous moments, in deep grief, and in all the ordinary days, she loves.
Ann moves mountains. Mountains of old theology, old ideas, old organizations. She moves them so that we and those who come after us will be able to see that much further in the mystery.
Ann is visionary. 
Ann is exquisite.
Ann is beautiful.
Ann is the face of God in the world.

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