Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mary of Nazareth: Liturgical Leader and Apostle in Early Church,, Queen in 900's and Passive Woman in 1500's

Mary with arms raised 300 - Mary as Leader

From 250-650 women and men portrayed with equivalent authority among Jesus movements around the Mediterranean.
Mary, mother of Jesus, was depicted with arms raised posture as a leader and an apostle.  This image appears in the catacomb gold glass, Rome, Perret, Cataombes, pl. 4:32.101, 

A. Kateusz, in  Mary and Early Christian Women offers striking images and texts of women apostles who preached,  evangelized, baptized and presided at the table. These women officiants were "variously called presider, bishop, priest, presbyter, deacon and minister."  (p. 10.) 

Roman Catholic Women Priests are walking in the footsteps of our sisters in the early church, deconstructing and reconstructing a renewed priestly ministry in a disciple of equals paradigm of inclusivity and partnership. 

Mary as queen - 900, Maria in Pallara Church, Rome. Wilpert, Romischen Mosaiken, pl. 226

Mary as passive woman Early 1500's, Antonio Solario painting, Rome. CC-BY-SA Jakob Skou-Hansen, National Gallery of Denmark.

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