Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Blessing and Anointing of Hildegard Haus- Dedication of Church by Bishop Mary Eileen Collingwood ARCWP and Gathered Assembly

Mary Eileen Collingwood  ARCWP blesses and anoints walls of St. Hildegard Haus on Sept. 15, 2019 in Fairport Harbor, east of Cleveland. The community also anoints walls. See pics below. 

These doors are opened wide welcoming all to celebrate and dedicate this space in honor of St. Hildegard of Bingen.  May the bronze plaques on these doors remind us of Hildegard’s spirit in our prayers and celebrations. 

As this water is blessed, so too, is this Community blessed, you who are the spiritual temples that animate this sacred space. (The entire church is blessed with holy water.)

We now anoint our Table of Friendship, a visible sign of the true mystery of Your Divine Presence among us. ( Bishop anoints and people anoint Hildegard Haus

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