Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Secret History 2018 Jesus Female Female Disciples, Interesting Documentary Movie shot in the Holy Land and Italy

Joan Taylor and Helen Bond explore the Holy Land to rediscover the role women played as disciples of Jesus.
Mary Magdalene is an equal to the male apostles. Peter, the Rock, Mary, "The tower"
 The word "tower' could have bee a "knick name" give by Jesus for Mary Magdalene
How did a wealthy woman living among the enemies of Jesus in Tiberias become a disciple? Was she healed by Jesus? 
Luke's gospel states that Joanna, like Mary Magdalene, denoted their money to bankroll the Jesus movement.
Why has this been overlooked for centuries?
Male bias in the text places women in subordinate position, but this story is changing today to show the role of women and men disciples of Jesus on the road together. 
Could there have been twelve women working in pairs as disciples similar to the men?
Women  would have to anointed with oil in the context of the culture. 
Another woman Salome who appears in Mark's gospel at Jesus' execution and resurrection.  They visit a chapel dedicated to Salome who possibly was remembered as a healer by the early Christian community. She points out the inscription.
Joan and Helen also visit a catacomb in Italy where a woman bishop,  Churula, is depicted. At this time women were ministering at the altar as priests. In 495, Pope Gelasius condemned this practice and ordered the bishops to stop allowing women to preside at Eucharist.
In the fourth century women disciples begin to disappear from the scene as leaders as a result of Constantine's reign. This was due to the  the rise of  patriarchal power and the need for a single faith to unite it. 
So, women were hidden from history for centuries. Their stories were ignored. 
Today, there is a new consciousness of the role of women in the Jesus' movement and early Church. 

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