Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Message of Hope and Love in a Time of Pandemic and Panic by Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

In this time of world pandemic, we can can experience the infinite, boundless love of God , no matter how insane life is. Right now in the midst of great sorrow, loss, tragedy and death because of the Coronavirus. I see so many examples of goodness in the health care workers and many others who are doing so much to help those in need of healing, comfort and strength.

I see grace overflowing everywhere in those who are doing all they can to be part of the world's healing and transformation in this crisis.
For me ,the bottom line is always that God is right beside each of us. As the prominent theologian Karl Rahner reminds us, God is always already there in every moment of life, in all our struggles, in all our anxieties, and in all our joys.

Every moment, every feeling, thought, desire, and action of our lives can reveal God’s abiding presence. The Holy One is forever loving us every moment of every day of our lives no matter what is happening. We can choose to invite God to share with us the good times, the hard times, the times we feel like dancing with angels, the times we are in the pits of darkness and pain. Let us hold one another in love during this time of physical distancing as beloved family. Let us embrace one another in a huge world-wide cyber hug this day and every day and pray with passionate hearts for healing and wholeness for all who are sick, suffering, lonely isolated and in need of loving support! Know that I hold everyone in my heart in loving prayer.

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