Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Equal Rites and Equal Rights: Women’s Ordination Conference and others protest in front of Cathedral.

Protestors calling for women's ordination to the Catholic priesthood outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral on March 8th (Credit: photo courtesy to Crux)

NEW YORK - "Churches may have been emptier than usual this past weekend due to fears related to the coronavirus - but according to a group of demonstrators in Manhattan, the Catholic Church’s unwillingness to expand the priesthood to women has led to a decades-in-the-making clearing out of its pews.
A small, but merry band of protestors - made up of a dozen women, two men, and a dog - marched just under a mile on Sunday from the headquarters of the United Nations along New York’s East River to the steps of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue calling for “Equal Rites and Equal Rights,” through the end of the all male hierarchy."

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