Monday, April 20, 2020

Mary Magdalene: A Poem by Mary Sue Barnett ARCWP

“I have read this poem in small, intimate chapel settings with patients at a psychiatric hospital where I minister as a chaplain. Each time that I witness how moved they are, how silent they become, I see anew how deep is their personal knowledge of the valley of death and how profoundly familiar they are with the power required to emerge from that valley. I see their raw, tender, and mighty hope. Their hope pours out and their hearts freely bless one another. It is astonishing.“

Mary Magdalene

Violence would quell
your soul
but you walked
away from evil

Trauma would rout
your heart
but you walked
into the next day

Tears would becloud
your path
but you walked
into the unknown

Grief would avert
your courage
but you walked
into the vision

Doubt would rescind
your mission
but you walked
into the blaze

Loneliness would shroud
your purpose
but you walked
into the luminescence

Trepidation would enervate
your passion
but you walked
into the joy

Depression would thieve
your hope
but you walked
into the tenderness

Death would dissolve
your being
but you walked
into the furthermost

from within
your inmost

through all dark
into all light

with truth
on your lips

with Christ
as your shield

with oil dripping
upon the world

from your ancient
holy hands

its blessed fragrance
reaching every thirsty soul

from the garden
into this moment
the inmost heart
of this moment

now and forever

Mary Sue Barnett 

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