Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Upper Room Blesses Bridget Mary with a Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl blessing: Deven Horne and Margaret Dilgen

O loving one, renew Bridget Mary this day in your love.
Grant her life, as a gift of your faithfulness;
Grant her light to journey by;
Grant her hope to sustain herself.

May this mantle be for Bridget Mary a sign of your healing presence.
May it warm her when she is weary;
May it surround her with ease of her suffering.
Bridget Mary, please receive this shawl,
Curl it around you,
Close it over you,
And enter into the warm, peaceful quiet stillness of God's love. Amen

Song: Soul Blessing by Carmel Boyle

Mary Theresa: Blessed are you, Loving God.
The boundless love of your presence blesses us at every moment of our lives.
May your compassion radiate from each of us and bring the blessing of your healing, tender touch to Bridget Mary.

Jim: Bridget Mary, the same Spirit that moved in Jesus,
Dwells in you and fills you with love and peace beyond all imagination.
All of your loved ones in this community and in the Communion of the Saints join you in prayer. In their name and in the name of the Holy One, we now anoint you for your journey.

(Prayer during anointing of forehead and hands by Kathryn and Peg)

Mary Theresa: Bridget Mary, you are embraced by the Holy One and by all who are praying for you. May you feel the power of divine love healing, comforting and strengthening you.

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