Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community - Moments of Oneness - We Stand Together - June 18 and 19

Moments of Oneness - We Stand Together

Opening Prayer: 

We Who Are Alive Today by Jan Phillips

We who are alive today are the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of the Creative Force.
We are Thought Incarnate, Word made flesh, Love materialized.

We are the consciousness of the earth:
the universe knowing itself, seeing itself, singing to itself.

We are the prophets of a new time, makers of a new myth, where our Source dwells not on some heavenly throne but in the very breath of living things, among us and within us.

We are made of heaven and earth, starlight and clay, minerals and meteor dust.
We are the Infinite Wave transformed into finite particles, spacetime compressed into the speck of a lifetime.

As the Cosmos multiplies and expands forever outward so does it expand forever inward evolving us into beings of higher consciousness.

We who are alive today came here with a purpose, are in service to a mission: to extend mercy, to bring forth justice, to re-member ourselves and converge as one.

We are creating tomorrow with our thoughts and words.
We are shaping ourselves and families, our communities and cities, our cultures and civilization by what we do and fail to do.

We are ascending into our potential, evolving into our Godness, co-creating the Whole that is the sum of our parts.

We who are alive today: Let us sing out that the heaven we seek is already around us, that wherever we look, the Holy One is there, looking right back.

No matter what storms batter and buffet us, let us not lose heart, for we are One with All and life holds us firmly in the palm of its hand.

Think of Yourself by Jan Phillips

Silent Reflection

Prayers for and by the Community:

We open our hearts and commit ourselves to each other in love and support as we pray for those most in need.

We pray for all of our brown and black sisters and brothers who have been murdered by our blatant racism and we pray for their loved ones who are grieving their loss.

We pray for all who are protesting the injustices of racism; may they bring about peace through justice.

We pray for the families who have lost loved ones because of Covid 19.

We pray for all those “first line” Americans who directly care for the sick and dying and those who provide needed service to all of us during this time of distress.

And for your intentions:
(unmute your mic and speak your intentions)

Presider:  We pray with hopeful hearts as we calm our fears and find ways to support each other and those most in need of love and care.
And together we say:  

All: Amen.

Closing Prayer

All-encompassing Heart, where there is impatience, let me bring kindness.
Where there is strife, let me bring harmony.
Where there is hurt, let me bring healing.
Where there is rigidity, let me bring openness.
Where there is judgment, let me bring understanding.

O Wide and Spacious Love,
I choose to be a vessel of your great love.
I will carry your love into all parts of my life
And pour it fourth willingly and generously.

Adapted from Prayer Seeds by Joyce Rupp

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