Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mary to Mary - a reflection by Deven Horne

The following reflection “Mary to Mary” is from Deven Horne, a member of the Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community in Albany, NY and the PCS Mary of Magdala book club. She submitted the following reflection on Meggan Watterson’s book, Mary Magdalene Revealed. Deven was hesitant to share such a story but went with Watterson’s open-hearted sharing.
Thank you, Deven

Mary to Mary
By Deven Horne

I have always prayed to Mother Mary, mother of Jesus. I am not sure why except that my mother prayed the rosary all her life. I always felt I could talk to Mary, woman to woman, mother to mother. I identified with her more than I have with her son. I have talked to Jesus sometimes especially about my own sons and asking him to help them. Since I began reading Meg Waterson's book on Mary Magdalene, I have found myself talking to Mother Mary about Mary Magdalene. The other day I was kneeling in front of my statue in my yard to Mother Mary, clearing weeds and planting flowers in front of her and I found myself talking to Mary about her son's love of Mary. I wanted to know how did she feel about her? Was she cautious with her at the beginning being around her son? Having two sons who now have serious girlfriends, probably future wives, I wanted to know how Mother Mary felt about Mary Magdalene. For myself I have prayed every day that my sons would love and be loved. As I age and my sons age, I desire nothing more than for them to love someone and that someone loves them back as much as I have loved them. As mothers I think we are never convinced that another person could love our child as much as we do. We want it and watch and wait. I felt Mary Mother doing the same with Mary Magdalene. Walking with her son throughout the journey even to the end and being comforted as she came to love Mary Magdalene for loving her son. I think it takes two women to love a man into manhood and not just any manhood but one which is endowed with the feminine power as well as the masculine power. I hear Mary, mother of Jesus, telling Mary Magdalene thank you for loving my son, and Mary Magdalene telling Mother Mary thank you for raising such a sensitive, and compassionate man. I have said and heard these very words and know it comes from my own dying to the physical body as I birthed this child and raised him lovingly through life struggles which often physically did a number on my body.  Mother Mary came to say yes to Mary Magdalene and Mary Magdalene said yes to Mother Mary. Through these "yeses" to love, the world is coming to say yes to Jesus and his teaching of Divine Love.

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