Friday, September 11, 2020

MMOJ Songs for Liturgy - September 12, 2020, 4PM Eastern Time

To connect to Zoom, please follow the instructions below:
 You can join the meeting between 3:30-4:00PM 

To connect via the internet 
Dial 1-929-436-2866 
Meeting ID: 862 4086 8327
Password: 1066
You will be able to hear the Liturgy and we will be able to hear you during our shared homily

Remember before the liturgy starts, in preparation for the blessing of the Eucharist, set aside a piece of bread or cracker and a glass of wine.  Be sure to have a copy of the liturgy either in paper form or via the internet ready (see below).

 Gathering Song: Be Still    (Carmel Boyle)



Holy, Holy, Holy    

Great Amen

Peace is flowing like a river....(short version; “people” instead of “captives”)

Post-communion Meditation

Presider 2:  In our silence, let us listen to - and learn from - the Prayer of St. Francis

Closing Song : You’ll Never Walk Alone     Josh Groban

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