Friday, July 16, 2021

"Cry the Beloved Country" by Diann Willman RCWP

(Photo: Matthew Willman)

is the town where Dianne Willman RCWP lives in South Africa.This is her cry of lament.  As the narrator says-this was not caused by the people-rather the "workers, truck drivers parents and families have done nothing wrong whatsoever-rather-the greed of a few over the many"...

Dianne's Cry of Lament

Cry the Beloved Country.

Cry for its people ravished by expedient politicians who plunder.
Cry for failed leadership.
Cry for those who take advantage of a deepening crisis.
Cry for those who open the floodgates of terror unleashed upon those already struggling.
Cry for those who won't get vaccines.
Cry for those who have battled poverty and hunger, and the fine line of what's really right.
Cry for those with empty hands and those well fed.
Cry for parents, children and spouses, wounded and killed, caught in the crossfire of confusion, agendas and the lure of instant cures that hide long term trauma to come.
Cry for ethnic groups now targeted and scapegoated.
Cry for a hard earned democracy and rule of law now needing to claw back from the edges of disillusionment, resentment and tiredness.
Cry for the armed and unarmed, harmed and unharmed.
Cry Beloved Country cry.
Lament this tragedy.
And in the days to come, seek out the embers of love to fan into flame,
Search for the lungs who need the air of your presence,
Find that green shoot of hope that will always pierce through.
For, after an African storm, we come out, we rebuild.
God, bless Africa.

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