Friday, September 3, 2021

Clare Julian Carbone ARCWP - Response to "What Will it Take?" ,"Short Answer, Empower Women!"

In a  response to a recent article by Fr. Daniel Horan (whom I knew as a Poor Clare) entitled: What will it take to accept the truth about climate change, Clare Julian Carbone writes:

In answer to the question Fr. Dan poses in his NCR Aug 18th article, “What will it take….?”  The short response would be – Empower women! Church leaders need to restore the values of the Sacred Feminine and begin to truthfully acknowledge that most of the crises we are now being confronted with, and are often in denial about - including climate change , are the outcome of patriarchal, power based, male dominated structures.

Empower women! Ordain them. Allow them to participate in leadership and decision making processes. Allow ourselves to address these issues with the eye and wisdom of the heart which women’s perspectives can restore to us, and which will lead us towards the pursuit of the greater good, the well being of our neighbor and our planet.

If Pope Francis and the Church at large were able to connect the dots here, model true regard for feminine presence, and act to fully elevate the status of women, healing and much needed balance for our world would ensue. Perhaps the more significant question Fr. Dan could ask us would be: What would it take for Pope Francis and the hierarchical Church to comprehend the urgency of this matter for human survival?  Empower women!  Ordain them! Restore the values of the Sacred Feminine, along with the values of the Sacred Masculine. 

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