Thursday, September 16, 2021

Pope Francis, Meet Your Priest: Ludmila Javorová with Miriam Therese (M.T. Winter), Women Priests Are Making Road to Full Equality in the Church by Walking it Now!

The international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement - in solidarity with our courageous sister Ludmilla Javorova- are making the road to full equality in the Church by walking it now. Bridget Meehan ARCWP

WOC conversation with Sr. Miriam Therese Winter discussing the life and legacy of ordained Catholic priest Ludmila Javorova.  Hearing Miriam Therese recount the story of meeting Ludmila and getting her story, along with recounting the dangers Ludmila, Bishop Felix Davidek and the 500+ underground priests faced was both gripping and inspiring. 

Ludmila faced multiple dangers and betrayals throughout her life -- from the repressive communist regime to the Vatican who suppressed her ordination after her decades of courageous pastoral leadership.  Betrayed by officials in the Church, we want to ensure that her legacy and her selfless dedication is not forgotten. She is a priest forever, and the kind of priest that serves as a model for the church today!  Please spread the Good News about Ludmila Javorova, ordained priest, woman, and courageous minister in our church!  

Here is a link to Sr. Miriam Therese Winter's book, "Out of the Depths: The Story of Ludmila Javorova Ordained Roman Catholic Priest" on the publishers site:

Look for Sr. Christine Schenk's upcoming article on Ludmila Javorova and Miriam Therese's work in the National Catholic Reporter later today:

Finally, here is a link to register for our upcoming Catholic Organizations for Renewal presentation with Andrea Johnson, James Carroll, and Richard Gaillardetz on "Can the Catholic Church Rid Itself of Clericalism?".

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