Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Litany in Times of Distress by Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

God is always already there in our lives (Karl Rahner), at work before we are even aware of it. Therefore, no relationship, or situation is hopeless. As the angel said to Mary: "Nothing is impossible with God."

In the Indwelling Divine Presence, we live, move and have our being, and can do all things even in times of distress, distrust and disease. 

I invite you to reflect on a challenging time(s) when you experienced the Spirit at work within you and within others in the midst of distress. May you be filled with gratitude and hope that in our challenging times, we can grow into the fullness of outpouring love in our world. 

A Litany in Times of Distress

For embracing me and ( person's names) with Compassion  

—Holy One, may I reach out to those who are in distress in my family, community, and world. 

For pulling me through (some severe illness, tragic loss or life challenge)

—Holy One, may I comfort others in their losses. 

For giving me a really good friend in ———, with whom I could share some of my deepest feelings, when I was really hurting for friendship

—Holy One,  may I became a friend who listens more deeply to others' pain and accompanies them through dark times. 

For leading me to follow the inspiration to ——— (do or be or become)

—Holy One, may I live as a blessing to everyone I meet. 

For growing in solidarity with diverse peoples in divisive times everywhere,  

-Holy One, may I do small acts of kindness each day. 

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