Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Will U.S. Vote to Deny Communion to Pro- Choice Politicians in Violation of Church Teaching and Pope Francis’ Example? by Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter 

 (CNS/Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

My Response: 

 Like Jesus who invited everyone to the Table, the bishops should follow Jesus' example! Reception of Communion should not  be based on following the teachings of the Catholic Church, but an inclusive celebration of the Christ Presence in this sacred meal, in each other and in the world. The bishops should not be using denial of Communion to punish President Biden or any politician for enforcing the laws of our country on legal abortion. He is the president of all citizens, not just Catholics!

 If the bishops were serious about  preventing abortions, they would change the church teaching prohibiting contraception, which is one of the most effective ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies.  Initiating a culture war over an issue on which many people disagree is counter-productive. Instead, they'd be wise to affirm primacy of conscience in this and all moral issues. In all moral decisions, the Church teaches that Catholics must always follow their consciences- even if the decision violates Church teachings or laws. 

Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP


“The Holy Father made clear that he has never denied Communion to anyone during his press conference on the flight back from Slovakia in September. Still, the reaction to Biden's meeting with Pope Francis Oct. 29 showed how the president drives some bishops a little crazy. Maybe a lot crazy.

The draft, which was leaked to several media, is underwhelming. One theologian whose bishop asked him to look at it told me it reflected a "pre-Pius X" theological vision. Pius X died in 1914.

As I noted in September, while the bishops were holding regional meetings to discuss the issue, the universal church was treated to the "bread of life" discourse in the Gospel of John, and if "the bishops think their document on the Eucharist can improve on Jesus' bread of life discourse, they are wrong." That judgment stands confirmed by the draft text.

The problem with this proposed document, and why it never, ever should have been suggested, is this: As a matter of church doctrine and theology, it must be primarily about the Eucharist, but as a matter of public perception, it is primarily about abortion. So the bishops can't overturn teaching about the grace of the Eucharist that goes back at least to the Council of Trent, and they do not want to send a signal that they are in anyway relaxing their opposition to abortion. However they choose to resolve this issue, that choice will send a signal. Either the professional pro-life groups will be disappointed or Rome will have to veto the document because it is contrary to church teaching.”

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