Friday, March 18, 2022

Celtic Spirituality Program-4 Sessions- Now Available for Individual or Group Sharing from People's Catholic Seminary

Features a variety of videos, prayers and blessings from Bridget Mary Meehan that  you can download. Bridget Mary is available to accompany individuals and/or groups who register for this program. The material is also available for individual or group retreats. Contact:


I created this four part program- that includes videos, reflections, songs and dances- on the following characteristics of Celtic spirituality :

  • the mystical vision of holy delighting
  • creation as icon of the Divine,
  • the joyful experience of hospitality and sacred kinship
  • the sacred feminine, holy wells and rivers
  • Brigit of Kildare, goddess and saint
  • the partnership of women and men in double monasteries  
  • the holistic approach to life found in Celtic spirituality and culture

I hope that your experience - whether it be an interactive one hour celebration on Zoom of one or more sessions with family or friends, or an in-depth exploration of the entire program- will be a wonderful blessing on your spiritual journey!

Pilgrim Notes Along the Way:

On several trips to Ireland and Wales, we interviewed Sister Mary Minehan in Kildare and Dolores Whelan in Faughart who are both experts in Celtic spirituality. They shared stories, myths and legends that take a deeper dive into age-old pagan and Christian traditions of the sacred feminine in rivers, wells, and the natural world. After returning home to the U.S. I produced two videos that were aired on cable-access stations in the metro DC area. In this retreat I share view clips from these TV programs which I produced in 1999 and 2003.My friend, Regina Madonna Oliver and I wrote a book together about our sacred journey to Ireland and Wales entitled Praying with Celtic Holy Women.  It provides material for going deeper into the theological underpinning and origins of Celtic spirituality, ancient prayers, and information about holy women and their wells.

With blessings on your journey,

Bridget Mary Meehan

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