Friday, April 15, 2022

Mary Mother of Jesus- A Good Friday Meditation by Mary Ann Matthys

Mary, Mother of Jesus -Painting- by Mary Ann Matthys

 Today is called Good Friday in Western Christian Tradition.  The name is the opposite of what this day is.  Looking at this name now, I see that since ancient times the power culture has tried to say ‘down is up and up is down’.  The image is a painting of Mary the Mother of Jesus.  Notice the images of the women at the crucifixion at the base of the painting and yet the Mother came through reflecting and almost smiling as she lives beyond the present moment into the big picture.  She sees into the multiverse and knows all will be well.  She is part of the paradox of this day in which her grief is transformed by the overarching power of Love.  

For me this day is always somber and sad.  It is a day to remember, that invites reflection and so I invite you to reflect on the cycles of life today.  On an epic scale, this day is the day in the life---death---rebirth cycle when death happens.  As you contemplate the cycles of life I invite you to notice where you are in the cycle on this day dear one.  

This poem arrived in the early morning hours today. It is specific to my tradition and my understanding of the rest of the story...

Somber darkness 

Feels right today

As I remember anew

But differently now…

Today I remember 

That speaking truth

To power is perilous

Today I remember 

That goodness

Doesn’t always win in the moment

Today I remember

That pain is part and parcel

With change

Today I remember

some will align with power

Creating pockmarks in their souls

Today I remember

Love transcends 

Time and space

Today I remember


in the face of evil

Today I remember

Women who remained 

And remain steadfast

Today I remember 

The men who hid

In fear as women stayed.

Today I remember

One so young

Who loved despite the cost

Today I remember.

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