Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Statement of Faith by Maryanne von Essen, South Africa


 Photo/Image by Kyle Goetsch

I believe in the Triune God Holy Mystery, the source of all love and life. I believe in God the Creator Who with ever-evolving creativity is maker of all that is; seen and unseen, known and unknown. Holy Mystery, called by many names Known as Yahweh to Sarah and Abraham Yahweh who is compassion and love Who desires our freedom and wholeness. I believe in Jesus of Nazareth, who named Yahweh, Abba, and invites us to do the same. Jesus whose teachings and life resound through the ages Jesus the human face of God I believe in the mystery of Incarnation, Cross, and Resurrection Kenosis and New Creation The Cosmic Christ drawing us forward to new life, present in all matter and energy. I believe in the Holy Spirit: God’s Wisdom – Sophia God’s Breath – Ru’ha God’s Presence – Shekinah Indwelling and generative The force field of God at work in the world. I believe in the Body of Christ, known by many names Diverse, growing, evolving, and changing Called to be co-creators with God, to bring justice and peace into the world. I believe in the perennial tradition, that there are many ways to God I believe in the power and truth of my own faith tradition; the sacramental life, the contemplative stance, and the communion of saints. Living in Easter hope, trusting my inner experience, witness in a broken yet beautiful world Loving and loved – I believe in Holy Mystery.

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