Sunday, June 26, 2022

"Today I Weep" A Poem in Response to Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe by Mary Ann Matthys ARCWP


Today I weep…

for my own body 

I choose life. 

For all women everywhere 

I choose sovereignty 

over their own body 

…and choice.

I am scared for humanity today.

Maybe this will activate 

a call to action.

It feels like a threshold moment.

There is intensity and fear

permeating the ethers.

So many feelings 

woven together…





Speak to the shock.

Tell it of the supremacy 

and power over culture 

at the root of this decision.

Outrageous disappointment

Mixed with shock. 

Government is telling women

What they can 

and can’t do with their bodies,

Robbing their souls.

It is hard to hear the other side.

Incredible disappointment

Covers my ears.

I feel my heart breaking.

I hear someone say, 

“This is some fucked up shit”

I agree.

This decision affects the world…

 Not the politics 

but the very humanity 

of the world…

The world soul.  

I am


To my own truth

And the truth of others.

I ponder peace and place.

I step into subtle activism.

As something is kindled 

In the core of my being

That can not be ignored.  

Know what you stand for.





Power with, not power over.

Know what you stand for.

Know what you stand against.

Grudge and anger 

boil over today

in many souls,

Making conversations challenging.

Something has changed in America.

When I was 20 I had a choice.

As it stands now,

my granddaughter 

will not have a choice.

Today, I am present 

to the paradox 

of this moment in time…

A moment when a culture 

is stepping backward, 

Removing personal freedom,

Removing rights for women. 

How can this be?




June 24, 2022

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