Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community- Anointing of the Sick - Healing Service- for Karen and Mary Kay

Music: Sending You Light by Melanie DeMore 

Bridget Mary:

Holy One, you hold us all in the embrace of your creative Love.  Today we tenderly pray for our dear friends Karen and Mary Kay, as they journey back to wholeness and health.  We offer them our loving prayers and anoint them for strength and healing on the journey.


Karen and Mary Kay, you are beloved members of this community.  You have gifted us with your gentle wisdom, your helpful hands and your sweet smiles.  You are part of the beauty of creation, and as such you are an incarnation of the Holy One, a spark of the Divine.  


Today, as you face health challenges, we as individuals and as your beloved community offer our own gifts and strengths to you.  We pray that the Spirit of the Holy One guide the medical team and all involved in providing the care that will foster your healing and well-being. We pray for protection from side-effects and treatments that you may experience.  We surround you with our loving thoughts as we bless you. 

Mary Al: 

A Reading from the Letter of James 5:7-9

Are you hurting? Pray.

Do you feel great? Sing.

Are you sick? 

Call the Church community together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of Jesus.

Believing -prayer will heal you and Jesus will put you on your feet.

Make this your common practice. Pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed.

These are the inspired words of James, follower of Jesus.

We respond to them by saying Amen.


Lee:   Please raise your hands as we bless Karen and Mary Kay in prayer:

May the Wholeness from which creation sprang wrap you in wholeness, holiness, and healing.  May the Love that made the universe and placed you within it wrap you in a healing embrace.  May the Boundless energize you for the journey ahead.  May you know how deeply you are loved and treasured as beloved members of our MMOJ Community. 


Bridget Mary 

Holy One, it is in you that we live, move, and have our being.  You call us all to wholeness and health in your kin-dom. In your name, Jesus, we anoint Karen and Mary Kay today and ask that they be filled to overflowing with peace, healing and strength.  Amen.(Karen and Mary Kay are anointed with Holy Chrism by Kathryn) 


(We ask during Anointing the community joins hands and connect to Karen and Mary Kay in a circle.)

Karen and Mary Kay, we anoint you with the chrism of healing.  We call on our Beloved, the ever-present Holy One, to keep you safe and sound, and we pray that you face your journey free of anxiety. 

Bridget Mary:

We invite you, our community, to pray silently or aloud for our sisters Karen and Mary Kay’s healing. 

Blessing of the Prayer Shawls/blankets: Dotty Please raise your hands as we bless these prayer shawls.

Karen, and Mary Kay we bless these shawls. 

May these shawls remind you of our loving embrace of you each day.

May they assure you that you are never alone. 

May you feel the warmth of our love wrapped around you every time you wear them or wrap yourselves in them. 


 Joan P.

As we continue to bless Karen and Mary Kay, in their walk toward healing, and wholeness, may the words of Jennifer Williamson bless us all with wisdom and endurance. ”Healing is an honor, Though perhaps one wrapped in darkness,

Like a star is."

Closing Song:  Healed, Whole and Healthy, Karen Drucker 

Anointing Service written by Denise Hackert-Stoner and adapted by Bridget Mary Meehan. 

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