Saturday, August 6, 2022

Ireland- Day 2- Visit with Aunt Tess

This evening I visited  Aunt Tess, Dad’s sister.  
I was deeply touched when she shared that my grandfather adored Johnny- my Dad! I had never heard this loving affirmation before.
She inquired about our family in the United States - mentioning them by name. 
She really savored every spoonful of the small dish of Trifle that I gave  her. 
Aunt Tess is  feisty and  funny. She tells delightful stories about  her childhood days growing up  in the cottage in Ballyroan. Every time our family returns  to Ireland, we enjoy spending time with her.

Aunt Tess

This is site where Abbeyleix Hospital stood, now a nursing home.

 We saw scene after scene of beautiful wild flowers and green fields like this  in County Laois where our family lived for the first 8 years of my life☘️

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