Monday, September 5, 2022

A Letter to Pope Francis from Olga Lucia Alvarez ARCWP on the 12th Anniversary of her Priestly Ordination

 Colombia, September 5, 2022

Brother Francis:

Although I would not want to bother you with my letters, this is the 3rd one. May it reach your hands and may you read it.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not pray for you, for your health and for the great ministry whose weight you carry.

Today I want to celebrate with you and with the whole Church the 12th Anniversary of my Priestly Ordination as a woman presbyter in Latin America and 7 years as a bishop.

I am fully aware and conscious that the ecclesial norms do not conceive that women are worthy representatives of the Divinity as well as baptized men. We are also baptized and yet we are not recognized as such. For claiming our rights, we are condemned and marginalized.

My dignity as a daughter of the Divinity, raises my voice asking the ecclesiastical hierarchy, through you, to exercise its power of justice and equity with us women priests.

 its power of justice and equity with us women priests. 

It is time for the ecclesiastical institution to humbly accept its sin. We have bishops, priests and many religious who support and accept us and with them the Church People of God.

We are already almost 300 legally ordained women in the world, of these women we are already 10 Latin American and several candidates are preparing to be ordained soon.

The Movement is moving forward, RCWP-ARCWP is not just another sect, not just another church, not just another NGO, we are Church, we have not left the Church, and we have not renounced our Baptism.

Francis, you can and are capable of lifting all those absurd sanctions that the Canons apply to us, in the name of the Divinity I ask you together with my companions on the road in this struggle for equality and justice, to annul as representative of the Divinity the Gratian Decree. It is infamous that we still apply what that Decree says: "women are not the image of God", the same you can do with Canon 1024 that says: "only baptized men can be ordained".

It would be the best thing you could do in your Pontificate, for the good of the Church!
United in prayer, I give you a Latin American hug and many blessings for your health and ministry.

Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea RCWP-ARCWP
Latin American Bishop

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