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PCS 507: After Jesus, Before Christianity: New Discoveries

Cohort begins Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 7pm EDT

Cost: $100

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The course begins with a recognition of assumptions of those earliest years after Jesus and which ones we ought to question. The main topics we plan to cover include examples of women in leadership roles, ancient understandings of gender, the painful reality of living with Roman violence; diverse ideas regarding self-identity, suffering, and death among Jesus’s followers; wide-ranging views of Jesus, Paul, and Mary, the Magdalene; the variety of texts available before there was any such thing as a New Testament, and new perspectives on so-called “Gnosticism” and “heresy.”


The content is divided into six sections which include inspirational introductions, lectures, and resources for further study. Throughout the course, there will also be opportunities for reflection and sharing with fellow students.


Dr. Shirley Paulson and Dr. Deborah N. Saxon

Course Facilitators

Shirley and Deb were active participants in Westar Institute’s Christianity Seminar that led to the production of the book, After Jesus Before Christianity. They bring insider knowledge of the work of the seminar over its eight years and the conclusions that have now come together in book form. This course highlights the most important of these findings—new discoveries regarding the followers of Jesus in the first two centuries C.E. These breakthroughs in understanding have implications for our thinking and practice today. To be forewarned, some of these realizations challenge traditional views, but they also liberate us from outgrown practices that probably never even started with Jesus or his apostles.

PCS 714: Crafting a Sacred Legacy: Curating Your Life's Journey

This course is offered in eight weekly modules. The first module will be posted on October 28​, 2022.

Cost: $100

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The autumn season of life's journey can be imagined as an overture to the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that accompany aging. This course offers sacred practices to encourage growing older with grace while deepening your relationship with God. The invitation is to polish your soul and enter into your wisdom years with grace, peace, clarity and sacred awareness. Through a series of experiential contemplations and practices, you will reflect, release, accept and embrace the essence of your life's journey. Crafting a sacred legacy is a prayerful and creative process, leading to the full celebration of life as an elder. 

This course is offered in eight weekly modules. The first module will be posted on October 28th. Subsequent modules will be posted each Friday for eight weeks.

There will be a Zoom session at the beginning (October 28th) and conclusion of the course (December 16th). Details and Zoom links will be provided before each session.

Each week you will be guided through a series of prayerful practices and processes to identify (curate) various aspects of your life's journey.


Sibyl Dana Reynolds

Course Facilitator

Sibyl is the founder of Belle Cœur Sisterhood and a Spiritual Director. She is the author of Ink and Honey and The Way of Belle Cœur. Her work is informed by the contemplation of life as a sacred pilgrimage, and the value and spiritual richness of ancestral wisdom.


View Sibyl's video introduction for Crafting a Sacred Legacy:


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