Saturday, October 8, 2022

Make America Moral Again by Ann Harrington ARCWP

Letter: Make America moral again 

While to some it may seem the stunt Gov. DeSantis of Florida engaged in by sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard made an important point about rich people being insulated from the horrors of the destitute, it is never, ever moral to use people as pawns. This is exploitation, a sin. As a Roman Catholic, Gov. DeSantis should be familiar with Jesus saying, “what you do for the least of my brothers and sisters you do for me”.

I am deeply disturbed by the powers that be that use the plight of the marginal to drum up support for cruel, repressive policies. Who benefits from having a vulnerable, desperate and impoverished population of foreigners with no legal status in our land? Could it be some employers and complicit politicians that want to further erode workers’ rights in this nation?

The answer I believe is in following all those dollar bills the governor hopes will pour into his election coffers, that claim “In God We Trust.” If indeed we trusted God, we would turn over the tables of the money changers every time leaders in our nation use human beings as throw-a-ways. Shame on Gov. DeSantis and all those who think like him that the solution to our hurting, suffering Central and South American neighbors is to make them the scapegoat for political inaction on meaningful immigration reform.

A more truthful, symbolic action would be for Gov. DeSantis and his followers to raise funds to send back the Statue of Liberty to France for safekeeping until and if such a time arrives when this country regains its moral footing.

The midterm election is next month. Do your duty and vote for the candidates prepared to do the work that will make this country moral again.

Ann Harrington


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