Sunday, January 1, 2023

MMOJ Inclusive Catholic Community:Letting Go to Birth Something New

 Popular spiritual writer, Philip Newell, raises an important question about the future of Christianity.

He believes that we are in the midst of the seismic collapse of Western Christianity and raises the question:: “what is the new thing trying to emerge within us and from deep within the collective soul of Christianity? What is it that we need to let go of to prepare a way for a new birthing?”(The Rebirthing of God)

My community in Florida- Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic  Community- has experienced a seismic shift from celebrating liturgies in  a church to celebrating in cyberspace on Zoom..

 During COVID, our community grew with new members from outside Florida. We moved from needing to be in a sacred space to becoming Church for each other as a holy gathering of God’s people.

After 3 years of liturgies on Zoom  only, we tried a hybrid  ( both in church and on zoom)arrangement in 2022, but  the technology did not work well for our interactive liturgies. 

During our recent  time of discernment, we affirmed our identity as a new kind of “church” without walls- a beloved community- meeting weekly to celebrate liturgies and  to offer each other mutual support in our mission of  promoting justice and equality in a non-violent Church and world..Our MMOJ Community’s vision is to  is live gospel equality now - with both ordained and non- ordained celebrating  Eucharist-what Catholics  refer to as Mass.. All are invited to share in dialogue homilies and  to consecrate bread and wine in their own homes..

 As we continue to share  this holy meal- with all who join us from near and far- we are letting go of a  cherished physical sanctuary at St. Andrew’s -and  growing in our identity as an inclusive home where all can come together in a new birthing of love in cyberspace.

Our liturgies are published on our website and on Bridget Mary’s Blog. You can join us at 4:00pm on Saturdays.


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