Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"The Faithful Receive New Instructions about Prayer: Back to the Future and the Abdication of Moral Leadership"


..."Who clearly want us to be so mesmerized by the magic tricks of their liturgical tinkering that words like "consubstantial" become more significant to us than words like "criminal" or "indictment" or "authentic moral leadership."..."What I think I don't get and can't ever get, however, is the willingness of educated, morally sensitive human beings, of the intellectual leaders of my church in the U.S., who should know better--the willingness of the church's intellectual elite and cultural spokespersons to keep going along with the charlatanism, not to challenge it..."
Bridget Mary's Reflection
Indeed, this "side show" of "Back to the Future" is taking the focus off the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the institutional church. The church belongs to the people of God. Now is the time for all of us to challenge the hierarchy in order to bring about genuine renewal in the church we love.

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