Sunday, November 27, 2011

Transforming My Anger by John Chuchman

I find that the best way

to transform my outrage

at what the hierarchs are doing

to our beloved Church

into fierce, compassionate

Wisdom Energy

is to work with the Force

that is Herself

both Loving and Fierce,

Tender and Ferocious,

The Holy Spirit.

I believe that the sacred roots

of my outrage

are part of

Her Protective and Passionate Love

for all beings and creation.

I believe that Her fierce Love

is pure and tied to

Ultimate Wisdom,

but that it is muddied by

my own deficiencies,

including imperfect knowledge and impatience.

I believe that the Golden Flame of the Holy Spirit

has ignited my outrage

inspired by

Her Wild Love of All beings

and for Justice.

I try to take Her pure golden passion-energy

into my center,

suffusing my mind, heart, and body

with Her brilliant power

by praying

Holy Spirit, keep me always in the balance

between fierceness and tenderness and

judgment and compassion,

filling me always through Your Grace

with Your purified passionate

Energy of Wisdom

and Love.

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