Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joan Chittister's Article on Occupy Wall Street Movement in National Catholic Reporter

"...The elders are going to be among the Occupiers, they say in their public statement, to "applaud the miraculous extent to which the Occupy initiative has been non violent and democratic, especially in light of the weight of violence under which the great majority of people are forced to live, including joblessness, foreclosures, unemployment, poverty, and inadequate health care."And that's true, of course. But they are also a sign and voice for those of the 99 percent whose very years attest to the truth of the need for a new economy, a new spirit, a new soul among us as a people but who cannot go to the parks of the cities themselves.The elders bring the credibility of wisdom and age and experience to the zest and vision and hope of youth..."

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