Monday, December 5, 2011

Kentucky Bishop Demands Adherence to New Missal, Liturgical Directives/Try Inclusive Worship Aides by Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

A Kentucky bishop has directed his priests to follow the new translation of the Roman Missal “exactly as it is written,” and called for appropriate music and gestures in the liturgy, in a pastoral letter. Bishop Roger Foys of Covington warned priests against straying from the approved liturgical texts. He said that the music for the Mass should be “theologically sound and properly composed in accord with the teaching of the Church on sacred music.” And he cautioned that the choir should not be in the sanctuary during Mass. Among other liturgical directives in his pastoral letter, the bishop said that it is improper for lay people to extend their hands during the Lord’s Prayer: No gesture is prescribed for the lay faithful in the Roman Missal; nor the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, therefore the extending or holding of hands by the faithful should not be performed.

Bridget Mary's Reflection:
Another example of a bossy bishop demanding strict adherence to man-made clerical rules.
We are getting more requests for our new Inclusive Worship Aides. One nun recently told me she could not in conscience pray the new Roman Missal because it has written out women from the liturgy. So she ordered our Inclusive Liturgies.
If you want to check them out, there is a link on the side of the blog. Or go to

Inclusive Worship Aids

A CD providing worship aids written by Bridget Mary Meehan, Judy Lee and Dorothy Shugrue. It is a resource created by priests in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, containing a variety of Eucharistic liturgies.
It is our hope that this resource will be a blessing for all inclusive communities who worship in spirit and truth. The prayers and rituals can easily be adapted to the specific needs of any group.
Here is a list of included liturgies: ~ Liturgy for Advent/Christmas ~ Liturgy for Lent ~ Liturgy for Water, Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Third Sunday of Lent, Easter Season, Baptismal Celebration Liturgy, Earth or Renewal Themes ~ Liturgy for Fire, Easter Season, Pentecost, Earth Day, Social Justice ~ Liturgy for Ordinary Time ~ Liturgy to Celebrate Creation, New Life, Creativity, New Beginnings, Spring or Summer ~ Liturgy for Marian Feast ~ Liturgy to Celebrate Justice, Partnership and Equality for Women in Church and Society ~ Liturgy of Good News to the Poor, For Anytime ~ Liturgy for All Saints’ and/or All Souls’ Day, Funerals/ Memorials.
Worship Aids are provided on a CD in Word Doc and PDF formats.
If you are able, a suggested donation of $25.00 will defray our cost and help to support the growth of ARCWP and our ministry.
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Anonymous said...

"One nun recently told me she could not in conscience pray the new Roman Missal because it has written out women from the liturgy."

Dear Lord, nothing has changed! It's the same Mass! Take a look at the official Latin text if you require proof. Our translation has been grossly inaccurate all these years, something which we have now rectified to a reasonable degree.

dtedac said...

The stilted syntax and vocabulary is not a more accurate Latin translation but a different one which attempts to mimic Latin structure. This is not necessarily a rectification, but perhaps an obfuscation.