Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three Media Stories About Roman Catholic Women Priests: Florida, Minnesota, Califoria/ CBS TV in Ft. Myers Covers Judy Beaumont's Upcoming Ordination

Judy Beaumont, in green stole on day of ordination as deacon, 
was called by leaders of her Ft. Myers' Community. Women in Vestments
are Priests from Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

1) Local woman to be ordained priest, faces excommunication  WINK Television Interview with Deacon Judy Beaumont, ARCWP
FORT MYERS, Fla.- "Judy Beaumont of Fort Myers will be ordained as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church that she has served her entire adult life. Then, she will be excommunicated from the church, because only men are allowed to be priests. Our mission is to bring about a new church. A church that is inclusive of all people," Beaumont told WINK News.The 74-year-old operates the Good Shepard Ministry in Fort Myers, helping the poor and homeless. Beaumont says the people she serves have called her to be a priest, so she will be ordained in a ceremony in January. "It will be a joy for me to celebrate the eucharist and to lead the mass for the people at Good Shepard," Beaumont says. "I do look forward to celebrating mass and performing the sacrements."

2) Women priests seen as both threat, solution

"I'm as much Catholic -- I feel like it's a nationality -- as I am English, German and Polish," said Linda Wilcox, 64, who felt called to become a priest after working in the St. Paul library system for nearly 35 years. She is one of four women priests at Compassion of Christ.Women priests in Minnesota come from a variety of backgrounds: chaplain, librarian, even meteorologist."

3) “Far from Rome”
California Catholic Daily
The Catholic Church is an anti-woman and homophobic institution requiring ... and a member of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement agreed during a ...

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